Most of our residents come to us through word of mouth; as a result of recommendations from families of previous residents or simply our local neighbourhood grapevine.
Here are some extracts from letters received.

Mixes compassion and kindness with humanity and dignity

Sometimes you discover a place that is exceptional; sometimes you discover a place that is remarkable; sometimes you discover a place that mixes compassion and kindness with humanity and dignity; sometimes you discover a place with synergy and structure and flexibility and openness. You may even discover a place that doesn’t just rest on its laurels, but wants to progress and achieve more goals and higher standards.

Sometimes you discover these qualities individually. It is rare to discover them all in one place. We did every day in you all at Temple Grove. So thank you so much – you have helped an old gay man and his partner rebuild their lives.

— P.F.


“The wildlife is amazing!”

There are flowering trees and shrubs, magnolias and blossoming cherry trees, as well as hundreds of daffodils this spring. The wildlife and birds are very prolific. I have seen foxes, rabbits, moor hens and dozens of small birds such as woodpeckers, finches, tits, wagtails, nut hatches and many more. We even have pheasants, who we've called Charlie and Sarah.

— E.H.

“Scrumptious food!”

My wife's care over this past year, both nursing and social, has been outstanding. The care and commitment from the staff, the attention to detail and the whole ambience of the nursing home is wonderful. I really cannot fault anything, and the food is simply scrumptious! 

— R.L.

People were looked after by staff who knew and understood them well. Staff treated people with kindness and compassion and supported them to maintain their independence. They showed respect and maintained people’s dignity. Care plans were personalised and reflected people’s individual needs and preferences.
All feedback received from people and their representatives through the inspection process was very positive about the care, the approach of the staff and atmosphere in the home. One relative said “Everything is absolutely fine here. When my mum rings her bell, the staff come. She is happy and staff are friendly. The food is good and mum is very content.
All feedback from visiting professionals was very positive. They appreciated the improvements made to the service and endeavour to drive further improvement with a commitment to learning.
— Latest CQC inspection report

“Everything we wanted and more.”

T was so happy with you all, given his circumstances, and became very fond of his caring team. He never stopped telling his visitors how wonderful everything was, often listing the "background boys" - the patience of the chef, the tireless work of the cleaners and gardeners, the maintenance staff, and how his laundry was dealt with - all so very important to the smooth running of everyday life. As you know T chose not to join in any group activities but Laura would always make time to pop in and say hello. He loved his birthday cake and the singing - what a happy last birthday; all these good things can only take place by excellent management dream work.
T was so fortunate to have this end of life experience and so was I, and will forever be grateful.
Thank you all so very very much.

— B

“Thank you!”

Thank you so much for caring for Grandpa with such kindness, compassion and dignity. Mum would always tell us of his regular carers and how lovely they were with him. 

— M.L.

“Kind and welcoming”

Thank you so much for all the care and warmth you have shown mum over the years. It's very much appreciated! 

— B.H.


“A wonderful team; doing at times a difficult job”

Nowhere else could she have been given better care or attention, as well as compassion. We as a family will always be in your debt; she was safe in your hands.

— A.M.

“Thumbs up to an amazing team!”

Thank you so much for making Dad's short stay warm and welcoming. The care he received was excellent. We are just sorry he could not have come to you earlier. We also thank you for your support and understanding to us as a family.

— A's family.