Life with us

From the moment you enter Temple Grove Care Home, it is hard not to appreciate the contemporary bright, clean and, above all, friendly atmosphere forming the very essence of our everyday life. Be Kind. Aim High. Live Life. This is our motto. We believe this should be instinctive to everyone, not just our wonderful nurses and healthcare workers, but to all our residents as well.

Caring for you

The care home was designed and built by us, Joanne and Mark Ellison, and is operated by a strong management team headed up by our highly experienced General Manager, Alison Barnes. Due to our management expertise and the quality of our nurses and carers, our home is proud to be able to accommodate not only standard 24 hour residential and nursing care, but also the very highest complex care needs.

The Estate

The Temple Grove Estate is almost like a miniature version of England, with it's elegant country church, the centuries old trees, a traditional cricket pitch and the stone manor house which dates back to the 1700s. For generations Temple Grove has been a cherished place; a stately family home, a public school, an upmarket residential property and now within it's grounds, a busy care home.